Benefits of Using

I always refer to in my posts about fitness and nutrition because it is such a great site. The site offers many workouts that can fit anyones’ style of lifting or degree of experience. I have used at least 5 workouts from the site and they all are very well detailed and include nutrition and supplementation plans.

The site also has its own store, which in my opinion is a lot better than many of the chain stores out there. They have many discounts, deals, and packages you can buy. Also if you order so much stuff you have the choice of getting some free stuff. Also they are really good about putting free samples with your orders. Their shipping is excellent and it always arrives on time or even sooner.

The site also offers many nutrition plans and recipes to help keep you fit. It also offers many stat trackers and calculators that can be very beneficial. I really enjoy the site and I’m usually on it at least three times a week looking for products or new ideas. So I hope you can use this site and see all the great benefits yourself.

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My Cut Workout that I like to do

So I know its a little early to be thinking about a good cut workout after the holidays, but its good to have something in mind that can get you trim and lean for the spring. You are welcome to modify to the resources available to you. I got this workout at and this the link,

Its a great work out, I lost 20lbs on this workout. I made a view modifications to it. Instead of doing two days of strictly cardio, I would do cardio for 10-15min. after each workout. I also did my own abs since there were none posted in the workout. I did abs each lift day usually consisting of three ab exercises usually done in a circuit 3 times. This workout can be tough at first if you are not used to doing supersets, but stick with because after 2-3 weeks you will get use to it. I also change the reps and sets to give it some variation each week, but that is up to you.

I hope you enjoy this workout because its great and it can give you the look you have been looking for.


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Beer, can it really make you gain weight?

I know that most of society thinks that you can gain weight from drinking, which you actually can if you consumed large amounts of it everyday. Think about this though, what is really in beer. Beer usually contains somewhere between 5 to 12g of carbs and usualy ranges from 100 to 170 calories. So what is really making you gain weight because honestly thats not that bad for you. It comes down to what you eat, while drinking. You tend to horrible while drinking because you crave carbs because you are drinking carbs. Eating pizza and wings without beer aren’t good for you imagine how good it is for you with beer. Eliminate the bad choices and try healthier ones, like consuming a casein protein shake a little while before drinking, it will help keep you full. Eating granola bars while drinking or even trying vegetables with fat free dressing.

Some beers to keep in mind if you want to keep the calories down, but still have great taste. Try Michelob Ultra, it just has 95 calories and taste great. Also try Yuengling Light, it only has 99 calories and taste almost like the traditional Yuengling.

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Peanut Butter Can Help Fight Cravings!

We all know that it is the holiday season and we are tempted to eat all the sweets, but there are ways you can fight the urge of eating those sweets by eating peanut butter. Now, this is all my personal opinion just to clarify. I have lost 70lbs recently and I intend to not gain some or any of it back and winter time makes it hard because of all the temptations. I fight these temptations by eating peanut butter. Peanut Butter has just enough sweetness to crush the cravings of sweets and its good on just about anything. I like to make toasted pb&j’s which heat the peanut butter up enough to give a real creamy texture. Also i like to put peanut butter on an english muffin with some honey which makes a nice treat. Putting in to protein shakes is always good as well.

Some other ideas to crush cravings is to eat nutella, which is like the chocolate peanut butter, its really good with crackers and on toast. Also fruit is a great idea. Fruit is nature’s candy and it can help you crush cravings.

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Who Should Win The Heisman?

This year the three finalist for the heisman are Johnny Manziel, Manti Te’o, and Collin Klein. THis year will be interesting because all three players are extremely different and one is on the defensive side of the ball.

Johnny Manziel (Mr. Football)

He is a freshman quarterback for Texas A&M. He can beat with his feet and his arm. He is very flashy and loves the hype, but is he truly heisman material. He got a lot of hype after knocking off #1 Alabama, but look at what he did before that game. He did have some good games, but he also had some bad ones. If the heisman was based on flashiness he would definitely win.

Manti Te’o

Plays linebacker for the number one ranked Notre Dame Irish. He is only defensive player in many years to be a finalist for the heisman. Te’o is a very fundamentally sound player and has helped Notre Dame have tremendous success this year. Te’o’s numbers are not the highest, but he has been a game changer all year. A defensive player has not one the heisman for man years, but he has a good shot.

Collin Klein

Plays quarterback at Kansas State University. Klein is the kind of guy anyone would love have on their team. He just plays football and does his role in the KSU’s offense. He can also beat you on his feet and through the air, but he’s not as flash as Manziel. The only real downfall to Klein was K-State’s loss to Baylor.

The heisman is based of skill and impact to the team’s success. All three players have done that, but which one has done the most?

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Super Setting vs. Rest between individual sets

I have been an athlete for over 12 years and have been lifting for at least 8 of them. There has always been discussion over which way is they best. I will examine two types; super setting and traditional with rest between.

Super Setting

Super Setting is great because even though you are lifting you are also getting somewhat of a cardio workout. Super setting is when you do a set of one lift and going into a set of another lift right after you are finished with first. This doesn’t allow muscles to get much recovery time which can actually help build muscle and allow for you to get that cut look.


I did traditional for many years being an athlete. It involves doing a set and taking a 30-60sec brake after each set. It does help build muscle, but i think it takes longer though. Its great for beginners.


Super setting in my opinion is more beneficial. You can build muscle and get cut as well as get some cardio. I have also have had more success with it. Also it allows you to get your workout done faster and do more exercises. Traditional would be great for someone who is a beginner because it allows for some time to rest.

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What Supplements Should You Take?

Like I said in an earlier post, I have been starting to supplement for the past three years. Supplementation should be taking seriously and you should probably talk to your doctor first to see if you are able to take them. There are two supplementation ideas i have, which are for beginners and those who are experienced.


For beginners a good fast digesting protein like whey isolate would be good to have. Also a good multivitamin that can’t be bought at a general store is good. A fish oil for omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acid support. A pre-workout like Amino energy from ON will be suffice for a beginner because it doesn’t have all the crazy ingredients in it.


For those who are advanced I would recommend the items above except the Amino Energy. Additionally I would recommend a Casein protein for the slow digesting protein for late at night. I would also recommend CLA which is an essential fatty acid that can help burn fat and build muscle. Amino acid supplement as well to help promote recovery. Also a pre-workout that is a little more intense and for those who want a little more of an edge take an all natural testosterone booster.

These are my ideas, I don’t recommend them for everyone and consult your physician before taken these supplements.

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