Best Pre-Workout for Workouts

I have tried many pre-workouts in the past 3 years and I have five that I would highly recommend. First off, pre-workouts have been coming the new big thing in working out. They offer you energy, focus, and can help increase weight and reps.

1. C4 by Cellucor

C4 is a great starter pre-workout and all around beneficial in the areas described above. Keeps you focused and energized during workouts. It also taste’s great. It is also easy on the wallet.

2. Assault by MusclePharm

Assault is great for keeping you energized through your workout and allows you to get those extra reps during your workout. It is also been proven safe by many of the drug agonies that monitor these types of products. (not saying the rest aren’t safe, but they strive for safety) It taste’s great, but can be pricey on the wallet.

3. 1 M.R.

This is a great pre-workout if you like the focus aspect of pre-workouts. It gives you that edge you need during your workout to keep going. The price isn’t bad, but it doesn’t taste the best and you get use to easily.

4.Neurcore by MuscleTech

Another all around great pre-workout. Comparable to C4. The only down fall is that it doesn’t tast the best and like 1MR you get use to it easily.

5. PRE by ON

Is a great beginner workout that has a lot of beta-alanine, which gives you the motivation to workout. It has a good amount of caffeine which gives you the energy needed for your work. The taste is ok, but wish it had more servings.

Think about trying some of these great products.



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