What Supplements Should You Take?

Like I said in an earlier post, I have been starting to supplement for the past three years. Supplementation should be taking seriously and you should probably talk to your doctor first to see if you are able to take them. There are two supplementation ideas i have, which are for beginners and those who are experienced.


For beginners a good fast digesting protein like whey isolate would be good to have. Also a good multivitamin that can’t be bought at a general store is good. A fish oil for omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acid support. A pre-workout like Amino energy from ON will be suffice for a beginner because it doesn’t have all the crazy ingredients in it.


For those who are advanced I would recommend the items above except the Amino Energy. Additionally I would recommend a Casein protein for the slow digesting protein for late at night. I would also recommend CLA which is an essential fatty acid that can help burn fat and build muscle. Amino acid supplement as well to help promote recovery. Also a pre-workout that is a little more intense and for those who want a little more of an edge take an all natural testosterone booster.

These are my ideas, I don’t recommend them for everyone and consult your physician before taken these supplements.

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