Who Should Win The Heisman?

This year the three finalist for the heisman are Johnny Manziel, Manti Te’o, and Collin Klein. THis year will be interesting because all three players are extremely different and one is on the defensive side of the ball.

Johnny Manziel (Mr. Football)

He is a freshman quarterback for Texas A&M. He can beat with his feet and his arm. He is very flashy and loves the hype, but is he truly heisman material. He got a lot of hype after knocking off #1 Alabama, but look at what he did before that game. He did have some good games, but he also had some bad ones. If the heisman was based on flashiness he would definitely win.

Manti Te’o

Plays linebacker for the number one ranked Notre Dame Irish. He is only defensive player in many years to be a finalist for the heisman. Te’o is a very fundamentally sound player and has helped Notre Dame have tremendous success this year. Te’o’s numbers are not the highest, but he has been a game changer all year. A defensive player has not one the heisman for man years, but he has a good shot.

Collin Klein

Plays quarterback at Kansas State University. Klein is the kind of guy anyone would love have on their team. He just plays football and does his role in the KSU’s offense. He can also beat you on his feet and through the air, but he’s not as flash as Manziel. The only real downfall to Klein was K-State’s loss to Baylor.

The heisman is based of skill and impact to the team’s success. All three players have done that, but which one has done the most?

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