Super Setting vs. Rest between individual sets

I have been an athlete for over 12 years and have been lifting for at least 8 of them. There has always been discussion over which way is they best. I will examine two types; super setting and traditional with rest between.

Super Setting

Super Setting is great because even though you are lifting you are also getting somewhat of a cardio workout. Super setting is when you do a set of one lift and going into a set of another lift right after you are finished with first. This doesn’t allow muscles to get much recovery time which can actually help build muscle and allow for you to get that cut look.


I did traditional for many years being an athlete. It involves doing a set and taking a 30-60sec brake after each set. It does help build muscle, but i think it takes longer though. Its great for beginners.


Super setting in my opinion is more beneficial. You can build muscle and get cut as well as get some cardio. I have also have had more success with it. Also it allows you to get your workout done faster and do more exercises. Traditional would be great for someone who is a beginner because it allows for some time to rest.

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