My Cut Workout that I like to do

So I know its a little early to be thinking about a good cut workout after the holidays, but its good to have something in mind that can get you trim and lean for the spring. You are welcome to modify to the resources available to you. I got this workout at and this the link,

Its a great work out, I lost 20lbs on this workout. I made a view modifications to it. Instead of doing two days of strictly cardio, I would do cardio for 10-15min. after each workout. I also did my own abs since there were none posted in the workout. I did abs each lift day usually consisting of three ab exercises usually done in a circuit 3 times. This workout can be tough at first if you are not used to doing supersets, but stick with because after 2-3 weeks you will get use to it. I also change the reps and sets to give it some variation each week, but that is up to you.

I hope you enjoy this workout because its great and it can give you the look you have been looking for.


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