Peanut Butter Can Help Fight Cravings!

We all know that it is the holiday season and we are tempted to eat all the sweets, but there are ways you can fight the urge of eating those sweets by eating peanut butter. Now, this is all my personal opinion just to clarify. I have lost 70lbs recently and I intend to not gain some or any of it back and winter time makes it hard because of all the temptations. I fight these temptations by eating peanut butter. Peanut Butter has just enough sweetness to crush the cravings of sweets and its good on just about anything. I like to make toasted pb&j’s which heat the peanut butter up enough to give a real creamy texture. Also i like to put peanut butter on an english muffin with some honey which makes a nice treat. Putting in to protein shakes is always good as well.

Some other ideas to crush cravings is to eat nutella, which is like the chocolate peanut butter, its really good with crackers and on toast. Also fruit is a great idea. Fruit is nature’s candy and it can help you crush cravings.

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