Beer, can it really make you gain weight?

I know that most of society thinks that you can gain weight from drinking, which you actually can if you consumed large amounts of it everyday. Think about this though, what is really in beer. Beer usually contains somewhere between 5 to 12g of carbs and usualy ranges from 100 to 170 calories. So what is really making you gain weight because honestly thats not that bad for you. It comes down to what you eat, while drinking. You tend to horrible while drinking because you crave carbs because you are drinking carbs. Eating pizza and wings without beer aren’t good for you imagine how good it is for you with beer. Eliminate the bad choices and try healthier ones, like consuming a casein protein shake a little while before drinking, it will help keep you full. Eating granola bars while drinking or even trying vegetables with fat free dressing.

Some beers to keep in mind if you want to keep the calories down, but still have great taste. Try Michelob Ultra, it just has 95 calories and taste great. Also try Yuengling Light, it only has 99 calories and taste almost like the traditional Yuengling.

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